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A World Without Email


A World Without Email

Newport Cal

Wydawca: Portfolio Penguin

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Opis produktu
How much more would you achieve if you weren't drowning in email? And how much happier would you be?

Constant communication has become a key part of work today and we check our bursting inboxes on average every 5.4 minutes. But at what expense?

The bestselling author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport, argues that this steady flow of distractions disrupts us from achieving any meaningful work, causes us undue stress and is costing businesses millions in the form on untapped potential. Newport offers a radical vision of a world without email - a world with increased creativity, productivity, collaboration and calm.

Drawing on sociology, behavioural economics and fascinating case studies of thriving, email-free companies, Newport explains how this modern tool doesn't work for our ancient brains, why email is making us miserable and unproductive, and shows us how to transform and redesign workflow without the constant pings of emails distracting us.

This revolutionary books offers practical solutions you can implement today, and shows you how dramatically reducing or abandoning email will liberate you to do your most profound, fulfilling and creative work - and be happier too.

Praise for A World Without Email:

'With evidence and examples from the cutting edge of programming to the factory floors of a century ago, Newport makes a compelling argument for an outrageous claim. Read this superb book. It might just change your life; it's changing mine.' - Tim Harford, author of How To Make The World Add Up

'This new work from Cal Newport goes beyond hacking at the branches of the email problem and strikes right at the root of it. This is a bold, visionary, almost prophetic book that challenges the status quo. If you want to peer into what the future of work could look like, read this book now' - Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism

'This is the book I didn't know I desperately needed. If you are currently drowning in endless email and not sure where to start: read this book' Emma Gannon, author of The Multi-Hyphen Method

Newport Cal
Portfolio Penguin
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